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Updated: Aug 31, 2021 CSCSE Print
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In order to support Beijing in attracting global high-level talents and becoming the “City of Talents”, as well as to help more international students study in China and learn more about the various convenient measures of internships, employment, entrepreneurship and life in Beijing, recently, the Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange (“CSCSE”) and Fesco jointly organized an online session for the Series of Training Activities for International Students' Employment in Beijing. More than 400 international students from over 20 countries, including Canada, Singapore, Poland, Malaysia and Argentina, who are studying in dozens of Chinese institutions of higher learning, such as Tsinghua University, Renmin University of China and Nankai University, signed up and watched the live streaming event.

Jia Jinghua, the Program Supervisor of the Study in China Office of CSCSE, gave a keynote speech. Under the theme of “The Analysis of Demand, Employment and Startup Policy for International Students in China”, Mr. Jia shared his views on the general information of international students in China, their willingness and demand, internship employment policy, entrepreneurship policy and job-seeking skills.

Citing the survey results of foreign students' stay intentions and employment intentions in 2018, Mr. Jia said that more than 70 percent of foreign students wanted to stay and develop a career in China upon graduation, among which 83.22 percent of the foreign students participating in the survey chose to find a job after graduation, and 16.78 percent of them wanted to start a business. At the same time, he also empathetically introduced the legal, regulatory and policy basis of internship and employment in China, some talent introduction plans in China, and professional achievement recognition standards.

More employment guidance-related policies shared by Mr. Jia can be found on the Study in China Website (

In the second part of the live streaming, Zuo Shuai, Customer Manager of FESCO's International Talent Service Department, shared some valuable information on key issues, such as job hunting, certificate handling, living and medical treatment, and elaborated on how FESCO intends to build a smooth channel and development space covering the whole process of “study abroad—internship—work—residence—permanent residence” in China.


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