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How to make your online shopping safer?

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Before shopping

Check the product information. Pay attention to the watermark and the name of the store on the picture. Some stores may steal pictures from other stores.

Pay attention to communication with the merchant. You can "bargain" or ask for a detailed description of the product.

Check the store owner's credit history. Read other buyers' comments on this or related products.

During shopping

After confirming the purchase of the goods, please verify the information of the receiver.

Choose the right mode for transaction and avoid property loss. The use of a third-party payment platform for secured transactions provides a fair transaction guarantee for both buyers and sellers. Buyers pay through a third-party platform and check if the goods delivered conform to the description. If there is any problem with the product or if the product does not match the description, buyers can apply for a refund to avoid or reduce the loss. The seller can also choose cash on delivery to avoid the situation where the unscrupulous buyer does not pay after receiving the goods.

After shopping

Pay attention to the shipping progress once it is shipped. When it exceeds 15 days by mail or three days by express delivery, you should contact the seller to inquire about the delivery. Meanwhile, you can check the logistics information.

Check the quality of the product right after receiving it. Check whether the product is consistent with the product information, whether there is damage or other problems. If there is any problem with the product, you can choose to refuse the delivery.

Try to ask for invoice after successful transaction. It is recommended that after completing the transaction, the buyer ask the seller for receipt or voucher, reserve the remittance slips, and keep communication record with the seller, such as emails or text messages.

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