The biggest agricultural city in Henan

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Population: 9,713,112 (2020)

Area: 26,509 square kilometers


Central part of the Chinese mainland and southwest of Henan province


Nanyang is the biggest agricultural city in Henan province, with the largest land area and abundant resources of forest, fruit and medical herbs. 

The city has a strong momentum and competitiveness in industries such as agriculture, traditional Chinese medicine, chemistry and textile. In 2018, Nanyang recorded GDP of 356.7 billion yuan ($52.6 billion), a growth rate of 7.2 percent.

Administrative divisions

Nanyang city governs 10 counties - Nanzhao county, Fangcheng county, Xixia county, Zhenping county, Neixiang county, Xichuan county, Sheqi county, Tanghe county, Xinye county and Tongbai county and two districts - Wancheng district and Wolong district, as well as four development zones - an urban-rural integration demonstration zone, a hi-tech development zone, Yahe and Guanzhuang Industrial Park.

Sister cities

International Sister Cities Date Signed
Nan'yō, Japan April 1, 1967
Kiryat Gat, Israel 1995
Chuncheon, South Korea September 15, 2012
Slobozia, Romania Oct 12, 2012
Asti, Italy       2014
Saldanha Bay, South Africa January 12, 2016

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