The ice city located in Heilongjiang province

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Population: 10,009,854 (2020)

Location: in Northeast China and the central area of Northeast Asia

Area: 53,068 square kilometers


Harbin boasts a diversified industrial base, with equipment manufacturing, food, pharmaceutical, petrochemical industries as its pillar industries. In recent years, the government has also launched a series of policies to support the development of cloud computing and big data industries. A "China Cloud Valley" was recently built in the city as an industry cluster base for related businesses. In 2018, Harbin recorded GDP of 700.2 billion yuan ($103.29 billion), a growth rate of 6.5 percent. 

Harbin has established trade ties with more than 140 countries around the world. Located in the central area of Northeast Asia, it also plays an important role in promoting the Belt and Road Initiative, especially in terms of economic cooperation with Mongolia and Russia.

Administrative divisions

Harbin city governs nine districts - Daoli, Daowai, Nangang, Xiangfang, Pingfang, Songbei, Hulan, Acheng and Shuangcheng; seven counties - Bayan, Binxian, Yilan, Yanshou, Mulan, Tonghe and Fangzheng; as well as two county-level cities - Wuchang and Shangzhi.

Sister cities    

International Sister Cities                

Date Signed                

International Sister Cities                

Date Signed                

Niigata, Japan                

Dec 17, 1979                

Nyiregyhaza, Hungary                

June 15, 2006                

Aarhus, Denmark                

May 2, 1984                

Riccione, Italy            

July 19, 2006                

Edmonton, Canada                

Dec 5, 1985                

Yakutsk, Russia                

Jan 10, 2007                

Sverdlovskaya Oblast, Russia                

April 22, 1991                

Cagayan de Oro, Philippines                

March 2, 2007                

Minneapolis, USA                

Sept 18, 1992                

Punta Arenas, Chile                

June 18, 2007                

Khabarovsk, Russia                

June 15, 1993                

Chiang Mai, Thailand                

April 29, 2008                

Ploiesti, Romania                

May 1, 1995                

Urban Community of Arras, 


June 30, 2008                

Asahikawa, Japan                

Nov 21, 1995                

Wiener Neustadt, Austria                

July 1, 2008                

Bucheon, South Korea            

Nov 28, 1995            

Magdeburg, Germany            

July 2, 2008            

Givatayim, Israe            

Sept 23, 1999            

Krasnodar, Russia            

July 28, 2008            

Ekurhuleni, South Africa            

June 15, 2001            

Sunderland, UK           

May 19, 2009            

Daugavpils, Latvia            

Jan 6, 2003            

Erzurum, Turkey            

April 2, 2010            

Salvador, Brazil            

April 8, 2003            

Chalandri, Greece            

June 15, 2010            

Griffith, Australia            

June 17, 2005            

Fairfax County, USA            

June 15, 2010            

South Taranaki District,

New Zealand            

Sept 14, 2005            

Vitebsk, Belarus            

Jan 4, 2012            

Rovaniemi, Finland                

Jan 4, 2006                




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