A major port city in Northeast China

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Population: 7,450,785 (2020)

Area: 12,574 square kilometers

Location: southern part of the Liaodong Peninsula and southeast of Liaoning province.

Administrative divisions:

Dalian administers Wafangdian and Zhuanghe county-level cities, Changhai county and seven districts — Zhongshan, Xigang, Shahekou, Ganjingzi, Lvshunkou, Jinzhou and Pulandian. The city also has three national-level pilot zones, which are Jinpu New Area, a bonded zone and a high-tech industrial park. It also boasts many industrial zones with different focused industries, including the Huayuankou economic zone and Changxing Island Economic and Technological Development Zone.


One of the nation's 14 first coastal cities to open up to the outside world, Dalian serves as an important port in the province of Liaoning. As an international center for airlines, logistics and regional finance in Northeast Asia, it is also northeast China's largest port. In 2018, Dalian recorded GDP of 782.5 billion yuan ($115.44 billion), a growth rate of 7.1 percent.

Dalian also has taken many measures to establish solid trade ties with other countries, the total number of newly approved overseas investment projects in the city reached 108 in 2016, which benefits each other and sees more extensive cooperation.

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