Leisurely and carefree mood: 6 suggested homestays in suburban Beijing

Updated: Apr 26, 2021 Print
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Mountain Abode

Beizhuang town, Miyun district
Keywords: Great Wall, Tent Camp, Night Views, Barbecue
Main draw: After climbing the Great wall, enjoy a barbecue and appreciate the starry sky!
Tel: (+86-10) 81002222

Fancying a weekend of barbecues and starry skies? We guess you’re thinking of the "Mountain Abode", a great homestay in a suburban area of Beijing that can meet all your needs and arrange a Great Wall tour!

Guests’ rooms of the Mountian Abode [Photos/WeChat account: Jingjiaowang]

Manlan's Four Seasons

Zhoukoudian, Fangshan district
Keywords: Thriving orchids, romantic
Main draw: Just embrace the romance and elegance in this natural Beijing suburb!
Tel: (+86) 13811563551

Orchids, fragrance, romance: we’re talking "Manlan's Four Seasons", a homestay where you can embrace elegance and fine life in a natural Beijing suburb!

Inner views of the Manlan’s Four Seasons [Photos/WeChat account: Jingjiaowang]

Aroma House

Hongxin Road, Fangshan district
Keywords: Aroma museum
Main draw: Access your unique aroma memories!
Tel: (+86)17150198543

Can aromas be stored? You’ll get a “Yes!” answer at "Aroma House", a special museum that will add fun and vitality to your leisure time!

Photos of the Aroma House [Photos/WeChat account: Jingjiaowang]

Radiant Grains

Zhoukoudian, Fangshan district
Keywords: Bread baking, red wine
Main draw: Try some baking and enjoy a quality rural life here!
Tel: (+86) 13716281691

What would you love to do besides reading or fishing for recreation? What about baking? You can try it in "Radiant Grains" and enjoy a quality rural life in Beijing!

Furnishings of Radiant Grains [Photos/WeChat account: Jingjiaowang]

Grandma’s House

Zhoukoudian, Fangshan district
Keywords: Old house, vegetarian diet, farming
Main draw: Discover the essence of life in this rural courtyard!
Tel: (+86) 13701286870

Welcome to find your own understanding of life in "Grandma’s House"! With a vegetarian diet and some hands-on farming, you may discover things in this old house that you neglect in the daily hustle and bustle.

Inner views of homestay at Grandma’s House [Photos/WeChat account: Jingjiaowang]

Herdman’s Courtyard

Changshao Manchu township, Huairou district
Keywords: Horse riding, mountain view, Manchu customs
Main draw: Try horse riding and learn the Manchu customs!
Tel: (+86) 13811649047

Let’s try horse riding and learn more about Manchu customs at the "Herdman’s Courtyard"! With amazing mountain views, it’s ready to offer us a special holiday!

An inner view of Herman’s Courtyard [Photo/WeChat account: Jingjiaowang]


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