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China Port Museum

Address: 6 Gangbo Road, Chunxiao town, Beilun district, Ningbo, Zhejiang province
Hours:9am - 5 pm (Tuesday-Sunday), last admission at 4 pm
Closed Mondays
"Scientific Exploration of Port" and "Digital Experience of Ocean" exhibition halls only open on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.
General admission: 30 yuan ($4.58)
Tel: (+86-574)26915555

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China Port Museum, founded in October 2014, has a total land area of 51,966 square meters, and a total construction area of 40,987 square meters. With a focus on port culture, the museum integrates exhibitions, education, collections, research, tourism, international exchanges, and other functions. Embodying internationalism, professionalism and interactivity, this largest and foremost of China's port themed museums has become not only a cultural base for telling port history and culture and oceanic civilization, but also a cultural fulcrum of the Maritime Silk Road in the new century.

The architectural design inspiration of the museum was drawn from a conch. Its streamlined modeling is extremely modern and its metal material embodies science and technology, shaping a form strongly evocative of the sea. Its landscaping, with its port-like characteristics, combines echoes of ocean culture and port culture. All of these factors combine to create a new image of Ningbo as a creative and booming port city. Its architectural design reflects a “modern museum” concept: a smooth, comfortable and open public space. The China Port Museum provides versatile leisure and education services and has become an important cultural complex.

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Last Updated: Apr 20, 2021

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