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All Sages Bookstore, Beijing

Updated: Apr 6, 2021 Print
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All Sages Bookstore, Beijing

Address: 59-1 Chengfu Road, Haidian district, Beijing
Opening hours: 10 am-10 pm
Tel: (+86-10) 62768748

Interior view of All Sages Bookstore in Beijing [Photo/VCG]

All Sages Bookstore (Wansheng Bookstore) in Beijing was formerly named after Halloween (Wansheng Jie), so its logo was based on a Halloween ghost mask. As the Chinese word "Wansheng" also means a myriad of sages, and it was believed in earlier days that the authors of books are sages to readers, the bookstore changed its English name from the "Halloween Bookstore" to the "All Sages Bookstore".

All Sages Bookstore logo is based on a Halloween ghost mask [Photo/VCG]

Covering more than 600 square meters, the bookstore is home to 45,000 books of various categories, including humanities, social sciences, art, literature, audio and video products, and business management.

Why it’s special
All Sages Bookstore in Beijing not only sells books but also spreads culture and academic thoughts to help readers pay attention to the social issues in China and have a critical eye on culture. In the bookstore, there is a particular area for intellectuals, where books related to recent social topics, including taxes and reform, are on display.

In Beijing, the All Sages Bookstore is a "cultural landmark". With its Thinker’s Cafe Bar, it has now become a popular place for book lovers.

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