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Sisyphe Bookstore (Capital Mall in Xizhimen), Beijing Print
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Sisyphe Bookstore (Capital Mall in Xizhimen), Beijing

Address: F3 Capital Mall, 1 Xizhimenwai Street, Xicheng district, Beijing
Opening hours: 10 am-10 pm
Tel: (+86-10) 58301548, (+86-10) 58301498

The entrance of the Sisyphe Bookstore (Capital Mall in Xizhimen) in Beijing [Photo/IC]

The Sisyphe Bookstore was named after the Greek mythical figure Sisyphus. Covering almost 750 square meters, with a loft and simple European style, the bookstore adopts the business mode of book and coffee and boasts nearly 50,000 books of various categories, such as literature, arts, social science, and daily life.

Readers select and read books in the Sisyphe Bookstore (Capital Mall in Xizhimen) in Beijing [Photo/IC]

Why worth visiting
In the bookstore, people can quickly navigate to the books they would like to read according to a book classification system. Besides, readers enjoy easy access to the books displayed on the top of the bookshelves without stretching their arms too much thanks to the shelves’ considerate design.
The showcases of the bookstore have integrated elements of local iconic buildings and folk customs, which is one of its most appealing features.

The reading area for children named "7&12 Reading Call" in the Sisyphe Bookstore (Capital Mall in Xizhimen) in Beijing [Photo/IC]

In contrast with traditional bookstores, the Sisyphe Bookstore has set aside an area called "Booartlife" in which classic cultural and creative products are sold. The reading area for children, named "7&12 Reading Call", is a favorite place for children and their parents. It is more like a library than a children's bookstore. Abundant books are selected for children at different ages to read, and the area is equipped with a book classification navigation system as well, aiming to enlighten the children with knowledge, simulate their reading interest, and help to develop their reading habits.

The Sisyphe Bookstore also holds various targeted activities to build its own brand and enhance readers’ cultural literacy.

Last Updated: Apr 02, 2021

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