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Lee Sua: China through my eyes

Updated: Mar 24, 2021 Print
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I’m Lee Sua, coming from South Korea. Now, I’m studying at Beijing Language and Culture University. Because of some learning experience in China I’d had before, I was deeply attracted by Chinese culture. So I chose to study in China after graduating from high school. Here, I met teachers who taught us carefully, and some overseas students who were absorbed in Chinese culture. Through various activities I came to further appreciate the charm of Chinese culture.

[Photo provided by Lee Sua]

In my sophomore year, I participated in a Chinese speech contest for foreign students held by the Chinese & Foreign Students’ Club and successfully entered the final. The final is a free speech on the theme of “a community of shared future for mankind” advocated by President Xi. Our teacher arranged a Chinese student as a partner for each student who entered the final. The partner's responsibility was to accompany us to write the speech and practice the standard Chinese pronunciation and intonation. My partner and I became close in the process of cooperation. We learned from each other and told each other about the culture and customs of our home country. After practicing for over a month, I won second prize in the speech contest. This competition improved my Chinese, let me find my own value, and gave me a deeper understanding of the significance of “a community of shared future for mankind” as advocated by President Xi.

[Photo provided by Lee Sua]

On New Year's day of 2020, through the recommendation of my teacher, I attended the 2020 New Year's Party of Daxing District, getting the chance to recite with famous broadcasters. In rehearsal, the teachers taught me a lot of Chinese pronunciation skills in recitation, and I felt that every word and every verse seemed to be alive, bringing a magnificent picture to my eyes. When I was standing on the stage, I was so excited, but recited calmly. This activity made me realize how marvelous Chinese characters are and the profundity of Chinese culture once again.

In a word, all these experiences let me know a different China each in their own way, attracting me to further explore this country. I love China.

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