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Foreigners, locals enjoy holiday as Wuhan rebounds

Updated: Feb 19, 2021 By YUE WENWAN,DAI WEI and CAO PENGYUAN in Wuhan China Daily Print
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French doctor Philippe Klein buys wine and baijiu with local construction worker Zhong Weiwei. [Photo/Xinhua]

Redefining a city

Having gone through so much during the height of the battle against COVID-19, Wuhan people have risen to the challenge and worked together to overcome tough obstacles.

But what next for these foreigners and locals, and what were their Spring Festival wishes?

As the outbreak waned, Li quit her job as an illustrator to become a full-time artist.

"There was a moment in the makeshift hospital when I suddenly felt reborn. I realized then that I have so many messages I want to communicate, so I hope I can spend more time creating art that will bring a smile and strength to others," she said.

Zhong and Peng, both self-confessed workaholics, want to spend more time with their loved ones.

Both Klein and Sara Platto developed deeper connections to Wuhan during the crisis and now fully embrace the city they call their second home.

Platto said: "My relationship with the city is like a friendship. During the outbreak and the lockdown, I decided to stay here. Therefore, my friend (Wuhan) became family, and that is what I feel about Wuhan now. It's like family."

In July, she published the book Buongiorno, Wuhan, in which she introduces the city to readers by recounting her son's experiences during the outbreak.

"I would like people outside China to see what Wuhan is really like," Platto said.

Klein, echoing her sentiments, said, "I hope that people will remember Wuhan as the city that fought the virus and triumphed against it with solidarity, courage and intelligence."

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