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Puzhehei Scenic Area, Yunnan province Print
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Puzhehei Scenic Area, Yunnan province
(普者黑旅游景区pǔ zhě hēi lǚ yóu jǐng qū)

Location: Qiubei county, Wenshan Zhuang and Miao autonomous prefecture, Yunnan province
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Scenic Spot Level: AAAAA
Opening Hours:
8:00-17:30 (May 1- Oct 31)
8:30-17:00 (Nov 1- April 30)
Ticket Price:
General admission: free
Swan Lake: 85 yuan ($13.16)/person
Willow Leaf Boat:170 yuan/person                                                                                    

The Puzhehei Scenic Area in Southwest China’s Yunnan province [Photo/]

"Puzhehei" is the language of the ethnic Yi people, which means a lake full of fish and shrimps. Covering a total area of 388 square kilometers, the Puzhehei Scenic Area in Southwest China’s Yunnan province belongs to the karst area in southeastern Yunnan and is a typical mature plateau karst landform. It is also a national-level scenic spot, a national 5A-level tourist attraction, and a national wetland park.

A stunning aerial view of Puzhehei Scenic Area [Photo/]

The Puzhehei Scenic Area is famous for its six landscapes of "the Water Pastoral, the Yi Family Water Town, the Lotus World, the Karst Wetland, the Lake Peaks and Forests, and the Migratory Bird Paradise". In this tourist attraction, there are soaring peaks, clear streams, secluded caves, eccentric rocks, and small bridges, all exuding ancient charms.

A beautiful morning view of Swan Lake in Puzhehei Scenic Area [Photo/]

Thanks to its 256 scenic spots, 312 soaring peaks around the scenic area, 83 karst caves in different shapes, 54 connected lakes, graceful and wild lotus flowers (6,194.33 hectares), breathtaking plateau karst wetlands (24,291.50 hectares), and the colorful folk customs of ethnic Zhuang, Miao, and Yi peoples, the Puzhehei Scenic Area is praised by Chinese experts as "the world’s rarest and China’s unique karst pastoral landscape".


1. Please do not bring prohibited items into the scenic spot.
2. Please take good care of your personal belongings.
3. When taking the boat tour, please wear a life jacket and do not walk around, play around, or hold the boat by the side. Do not swim and do not stretch your hands and feet out of the cabin or throw waste into the water.
4. When taking the sightseeing car, please fasten your seat belt. Do not stretch your hands and feet out of the car or stand up and walk around. Please get on and off at the designated station.
5. Please do not damage public facilities, heritage inscriptions or carvings. Please do not trample on or pick plants, or disturb wild animals.
6. Do not spit or litter.

Last Updated: Jan 29, 2021

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