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Kaiping Diaolou Cultural Tourism Area, Guangdong province Print
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Kaiping Diaolou Cultural Tourism Area, Guangdong province
(开平碉楼文化旅游区kāi píng diāo lóu wén huà lǚ yóu qū)

Location: Tangkou town, Kaiping city, Guangdong province
Websites: (En)
Scenic Spot Level: AAAAA
Opening Hours:
Package Ticket Price:180 yuan($27.75)/person
1. Children under the age of 6 and 1.2 meters (inclusive) in height, senior citizens aged 70 and above, people who have a disability, reporters, tour guides, and servicemen can enter free of charge.
2. Half-price ticket reductions are available for children between 1.2 meters (exclusive) and 1.5 meters (inclusive) in height, students between 6 and 18 years old, seniors aged between 60 and 69, and full-time university undergraduates.
3. As the scenic area has deep waters, stay alert and pay attention to your safety!

Liyuan Garden in the Kaiping Diaolou Cultural Tourism Area, South China’s Guangdong province [Photo/]

Located to the southwest of the Pearl River Delta in South China’s Guangdong province, the Kaiping Diaolou Cultural Tourism Area is a famous scenic spot integrating overseas Chinese culture, gardening art, Chinese and western architecture, cultural relics and historical sites, an original ecological environment, and folk customs. It is also a base for scientific education.

The scenic area is comprised of three scenic spots, namely the classic Liyuan Garden, the diaolou (a multi-storey watchtower) complex in Zili village, and the ancient village of Majianglong.

In the tourism area, the elegant and unique gardens, the traditional and simple folk dwellings, and the diaolou complex fused with Chinese and Western architectural styles are perfectly combined with the surrounding mountains and rivers, ponds, fields, and rice paddies, forming a unique cultural landscape.

Diaolou complex in the Majianglong Ancient Village [Photo/]

Favored with a long history and profound cultural resources, Kaiping Diaolou is honored as "a masterpiece by overseas Chinese" and "a stunning architectural art gallery". It was inscribed as one of the World Cultural Heritages by UNESCO in June 2007.

Diaolou complex in Zili village [Photo/]

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