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Baiyun Mountain Scenic Area, Guangzhou

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Baiyun Mountain Scenic Area, Guangzhou

(广州白云山风景区guǎng zhōu bái yún shān fēng jǐng qū)

The Baiyun Mountain Scenic Area offers cable cars for visitors. [Photo/IC]

Located in the northeast of downtown Guangzhou, Baiyun Mountain covers a total area of 20.98 square kilometers and is a national 5A scenic area. Baiyun Mountain is known as the First Spectacular Scene of Guangzhou. Its highest peak, Moxing Ridge, stands at 382 meters. Visitors can view the whole of Guangzhou city from the top of the mountain. The mountain was named Baiyun (White Cloud) Mountain because of the white cloud flying over it and gathering around its base.

At present, Baiyun Mountain Scenic Area consists of several tourist areas, including Luhu Tourist Area, Santailing Tourist Area, Mingchungu Tourist Area, Moxingling Tourist Area, Mingzhulou Tourist Area, Heyiling Tourist Area, and Fei’eling Tourist Area. There are three top landscapes in these areas: Yuntai Garden, located in Santailing Park, is the largest landscape garden in China; Bird Spring Valley Park is the biggest natural birdcage in the country; and Sculpture Park, located in Fei’eling, is the biggest sculpture theme park in China.

Baiyun Mountain is rich in natural resources. It has 876 species of plants, among which five kinds are rare and endangered and protected by the state. Many of the 657 species of wild plants have potential economic value, such as 86 species of timber, 343 species of medicinal plants and 97 species of wild ornamental plants. At present, the green coverage of Baiyun Mountain has reached more than 95 percent, with a total green area of 42,000 mu (2,800 hectares).

Tourists can enjoy a full view of Guangzhou city at the top of Baiyun Mountain. [Photo/IC]
Yuntai Garden in Baiyun Mountain Scenic Area is the largest landscape garden in China. [Photo/IC]

Scenic Spot level: AAAAA

Ideal sightseeing season: All year round

Opening Hours: 8:00-18:00

Ticket: Mountain admission: 5 yuan ($0.73),

Vehicle admission ticket: 15 yuan ($2.18)

Address: Baiyun district, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province

1. Wear comfortable clothes when climbing the mountain. 
2. Buy travel insurance.

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