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Light, Science & Applications

A joint initiative between CIOMP and the Nature Publishing Group led to the inauguration of the new optics journal: Light, Science & Applications (LSA) that was launched initially in electronic form in 2012 with a hard copy to follow in 2013. My support for the new journal has led me to become a Topical Editor covering the area of guided wave optics and photonics. This is a challenging role, as the goal for LSA is to be a top optics journal in international rankings within the next few years.



The establishment of CIOMP in 1952 provided a spearhead for Chinese optics and a figurehead for its future. It also provided cohesion in optics in a country that is physically very large and diverse in both its geography and demographics. CIOMP has become a forerunner in raising the status of Chinese optics in the international community and increasingly reflects the breadth and depth of Chinese optics. It was a pleasure to be invited to attend the Photonics Trend Conference and associated celebrations for the 60th anniversary of CIOMP in September 2012. I look forward to a long and continuing association with CIOMP, and to following with interest its future path and leadership in optics.


By Professor John Love

The Australian National University, Canberra, Australia


A. W. Snyder & J.D. Love, Optical Waveguide Theory,

English Edition - Chapman & Hall, London, 1984

Chinese Edition - Peoples' Post & Telecommunications Publishing Co, Beijing, 1991.

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