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Sadia Arshad, Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science

I had a great time working at the Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science (AMSS), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). Undoubtedly, one of the good decisions I have made in my life was to study abroad at one of the best institutes in China. I feel life is very convenient here, with online shopping, a good transport system and pleasant weather. I am a food lover, so part of me worried that I wouldn't adjust to the Chinese food. On the contrary, when I came there, I found I love Chinese food and enjoy the variety of different dishes out there. The Chinese have a very relaxed and welcoming culture, making it very easy to get accustomed and meet the locals. Chinese people are very kind, honest and friendly, always trying to lend a hand in whatever was needed. I will never forget the hospitality of Chinese people.

Undoubtedly with its ancient palaces, temples and parks Beijing is a very modern, cosmopolitan city. Ancient historical buildings and the glitzy skyscrapers stand side by side in Beijing. I discovered the city of Beijing and developed myself both personally and professionally. While in Beijing, I visited Gubei water town, and got lost in its tranquility and marvelous scenery. I also visited Olympic Park; walking around the park I realized that nature has bestowed China with the choicest scenic beauty. I had a wonderful experience visiting the Forbidden City and the Great Wall. The view was simply stunning. I felt so safe on the streets of Beijing.

AMSS has an excellent and creative research environment. As research is driven by the mind-set, here I feel free to pursue my intuition and work on my ideas. Moreover, I have worked in a highly diverse atmosphere which enriched my social and personal skills. What I like most about AMSS are the research environment and the attention and support I received there, but most of all being able to acquire knowledge from the research group of my supervisor, Prof. Yifa Tang. My learning experience at AMSS was top-notch. The experience would never have been this nice without the help of the friendly research group fellows, especially Beibei and Yue, who are not just group fellows but helpful friends, caring sisters. I extremely appreciate my group fellow Jianfei for his continuous support in research.


My Post-Doc stay in Beijing gave me the opportunity to not only enrich my knowledge but also gave me insights of future research projects and expanded my networking in China. I met many researchers in different fields; these contacts are promising for the future. I also learned how to handle being alone, gradually enlarging my self-knowledge; something I had never done before. I wish to thank CAS for providing me with such a fabulous opportunity to enhance my research. My overall experience at AMSS is one that I will remember forever. I feel China is my second home.

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