World Longevity County Bama's GDP rises through innovations

Updated: Oct 26, 2020 Print
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The beautiful scenery of Bama Yao autonomous county, Hechi. [Photo/Hechi Daily]

In the first half of this year, Bama Yao autonomous county's GDP had a growth rate of 8.5 percent and its fiscal revenue grew by 28.2 percent. The county has been at the forefront of Guangxi in a variety of economic indicators for five consecutive years. Its success can be attributed to the success and prosperity of its tourism industry, as well as a variety of other industries.

Bama is the region with the highest distribution rate of centenarians in the world. It boasts distinctive features from its longevity culture and its traditional folk customs.

Bama receives more than 8 million tourists a year, maintaining a high growth rate of tourist visits for more than 10 years. Bama has actively created a national-level tourism reform and innovation pioneer zone, as well as a national tourism demonstration zone, while also striving to cultivate a distinctive health tourism industry zone.

By focusing on the three core businesses of health food, health services, and health technology, Bama has been developing seven major industrial fields with its unique ecological advantages, including drinking water, longevity food, health care, sports, conferences and exhibitions, biotechnology, as well as specialty medicine. The county is currently accelerating the construction of a health industry system with distinctive characteristics and international competitiveness.

Bama has strengthened cooperation with scientific research institutes like the Shenzhen Institute of Genomics and Tsinghua University to jointly plan and deploy the county's future agriculture. It has promoted the transformation of its tourism industry from a single scenic spot sightseeing tour to a comprehensive health tourism industry, creating an international tourism destination with distinctive cultural characteristics.

Moreover, it has actively cooperated with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization to promote the innovation and upgrading of its health industry value chain, as well as the building of a world-class brand to promote its poverty reduction efforts, bolstering the inclusive and sustainable development of the county.

In addition, with the settlement of a number of world giants, such as multinational technology company Huawei and the world's largest commercial big data company GS, Bama has greatly developed its digital economy. From 2016 to 2019, Bama has maintained rapid growth for four years, with the average growth rates of its GDP and fiscal revenue ranking third and seventh respectively among 111 counties (districts and cities) in Guangxi, as well as first among all counties in Hechi.

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