Project to upgrade Hanxian Lake's lakeshore scenery

Updated: Jun 11, 2020 Print
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Total investment: about 100 million yuan ($14.17 million)

Hanxian Lake is a national water conservancy scenic spot. Legend has it that when Han Xiangzi, one of the Eight Immortals, traveled to Hanxian Rock, his belt fell down here and formed the lake. Therefore, it is also called "Xiangzi River".

Construction items and scale:

the 7-kilometer lakeshore of the Hanxian Lake, known as "Ten-mile Gallery". The main construction projects include Zhuziba dock, a parking lot and supporting facilities, agricultural sightseeing park, leisure and vacation area, landscape improvement along the lake, Hanxian Rock terminal dock and its supporting facilities.

Construction background:

Hanxian Lake was appraised as a National Water Conservancy Scenic Area in 2010. At present, it has relatively complete infrastructure: scenic gate, entrance landscape square, parking lot, Yangziyan bridge, Yangziyan dock, wooden plank road, waiting room, public washroom, Panshan dock, and Hutou bay.

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