Jiangxi Fluoride Salt Chemical Industrial Base

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It is the only fluoride salt chemical industrial base in Jiangxi province that meets the safety and health protection distance standard (1,000 meters). It mainly manages the fluoride salt chemical industry, supplemented by the deep processing of non-ferrous metals.

The base has a total planned area of 666.67 hectares, with a planned first-phase area of 333.33 hectares, and an area of 266.67 hectares which has been developed and utilized. There are 27 enterprises and more than 3,000 employees. It mainly produces industrial salt, edible salt, caustic soda, hydrofluoric acid, lithium carbonate, lithium hexafluorophosphate, methane chloride,and PTFE.

Huichang is the only county in Jiangxi province that owns both rock salt and fluorite. The rock salt reserves in Huichang total 1.9 billion tons, with an average grade of about 60 percent, making it the second largest salt mine in Jiangxi. In addition, Huichang also has 2.63 million tons of fluorite, giving it the unique advantage of developing its fluoride salt chemical industry. The fluorine salt chemical base is located less than 10 kilometers away from salt mines, tin mines and fluorite mines.

Huichang has quite convenient transportation. The base is close to National Highway 206, two kilometers away from the Junmenling exit of the Jinan-Guangzhou Expressway, and 75 kilometers away from Huichang North Station on the Ganzhou-Longyan Railway.

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