Why Huichang


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● Natural resources

Huichang is one of the counties with the richest mineral resources in China. The per capita share of underground mineral resources is 18 times the national average. At present, more than 30 kinds of minerals have been discovered and developed, including tin, salt, fluorite, kaolin, copper, rare earths, limestone and so on, with a potential economic value of over 500 billion yuan (about $69.9 billion). Among them, the tin reserves are 540,000 tons, ranking first in Asia in terms of mining access. Halite reserves reach 1.9 billion tons, ranking second in Jiangxi province. There are about 2.63 million tons of fluorite ore; and the total reserves of limestone are over one billion tons. The reserves of tin, salt and fluorite are the highest in southern Jiangxi.

● Geographical advantage

Huichang is located in the southeast of Ganzhou city, bordering Fujian in the southeast and Guangdong in the south, with an area of 2,722 square kilometers and a population of 531,000. Huichang is a transit hub linking central and western provinces and cities to the southeast coast. It enjoys a very special geographical advantage, close to the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and the Fujian Delta region, and serves as the hinterland of the Westcoast Economic Zone. It also reaps the benefits of the revitalization and development of the old revolutionary base area in the south of Jiangxi.

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