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Memorial of Northeast China Revolutionary Martyrs

Address: 241Yiman Street, Nangang district, Harbin, Heilongjiang province
Hours: 9:00-16:00
Closed Mondays
General admission: Free
Tel: (+86-451) 53643712/0948

Exterior view of the Memorial of Northeast China Revolutionary Martyrs Memorial Hall [Photo/]

Aimed at commemorating heroes and carrying forward the national spirit, the Memorialof Northeast China Revolutionary Martyrs was built in October 1948, the first of its kind in China. The building was initially constructed in 1928 as the library of the Eastern Province Special Administration Region (a special provincial area between 1920-32) and was completed in 1931. Designed by the Russian architect Zhdanov, it adopted the architectural eclecticism style based on Western Classicism, with a construction area of 5,040 square meters.

After the region was seized by Japanese invaders, the building was repurposed as the Harbin Police Hall of Manchukuo, a Japanese puppet state(1932-45) in 1933. Untold members of the Communist Party of China and patriots were imprisoned and tortured to death here.

In order to commemorate the martyrs who sacrificed themselves in the Northeast Anti-Japanese War (1931-45) and the beginning of China's civil war (1946-49), this police hall was rebuilt into today’s memorial under the instruction of the Northeast Administrative Committee, following the liberation of Harbin in 1946.

A major permanent exhibition of the memorial tells the story of the hard and bitter struggle of Chinese people against the Japanese invaders in Northeast China from 1931 to 1945. Through various media, including cultural relics, photos, diagrams and installations, the heroic deeds of nearly 300 martyrs are told. These national heroes, notably Yang Jingyu (1905-40), Zhao Shangzhi (1908-42), and Zhao Yiman (1905-36), either sacrificed their lives in - or made great contributions to - the independence and liberation of the Chinese people and victory in the world's Anti-FascismWar.

Statue of Yang Jingyu (1905-40), the famous anti-Japanese hero, strategist, and one of the founders and leaders of the Northeast United Resistance Army [Photo/]
Wax statue of Zhao Yiman (1905-36), famous anti-Japanese heroine and leader of a branch of the Northeast United Resistance Army [Photo/]


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