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XHTZ enterprises resume normal work smoothly

Updated: Mar 25, 2020 Print
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A total of 1,822 enterprises in Xi'an High-tech Industries Development Zone (XHTZ) had resumed production with 122,359 employees as of Feb 27, according to XHTZ officials.

The zone's 363 industrial companies above a designated size, those with annual sales of 20 million yuan ($2.8 million) or more, have all resumed production, and small and medium-sized enterprises and service industries have also quickly returned work, officials added.

In three days, XHTZ dispatched various special-hire buses to Xingping city, Lantian county and Zhouzhi county in Shaanxi province to bring back workers at Licheng Semiconductor Xi'an Co, solving the most urgent challenge for the company to return to work.

"Thanks to the staff members of the XHTZ. Without their help, we would not have been able to return to work so quickly," said an employee at Licheng Semiconductor Xi'an Co.

It also arranged for buses to pick more than 1,000 employees of Xi'an BYD Electronics Co in and outside the province. After completing isolation for seven days and passing nucleic acid tests, they will start normal work.

While trying to solve the problems for resident companies, the XHTZ has also introduced a series of favorable policies and measures.

Among others, these have provided full support to small and medium-sized enterprises that resumed work after Feb 9 in terms of increasing financial support, reducing labor costs, reducing corporate taxes and providing rent subsidies.

It also honored policy subsidies for 12 biopharmaceutical companies and offered favorable services to key enterprises.

Next, the XHTZ move on to enlarge and strengthen its advanced manufacturing industry and focus on building a modern industrial system, based on the development needs of enterprises, to prepare for economic growth after the epidemic period ends.

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