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Latest tips for international visitors to Xi'an during epidemic period

Updated: Mar 25, 2020 Print
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At present, the containment of COVID-19 has entered into a critical period in Xi'an, the Headquarters of the Epidemic Prevention and Control of Xi'an decided to adopt the real-name registration for all kinds of personnel through the comprehensive trial of the "Xi'an Passcode" ("一码通"). This aims to better prevent the external importation of cases and internal non-proliferation, as well as guiding enterprises to resume work in an orderly manner and well-organized flow. The specific method shows as follows:

Scan to register comingback into Xi'an

Scan to register in advance

To ensure a smooth returning back to Xi'an

Scan to register

For all transportations back into Xi'an

Back to work application channel

Providing conveniences for enterprises

As of 12pm Feb 21, all individuals returning back to Xi'an regardlesshow they were transported, could use WeChat's QR code scanning functionto subscribe to the official "Xi'an public security service" account (or using your mobile phone to scan Xi'an "Passcode") before entering the city. At the same time, the system also added theReturn to Work registration application channel, providing more conveniences for the majority of enterprises.

In order provide the best in the epidemic prevention and control, as well as return to work and production as a whole, achievingthe best prevention both internal and external, the "Xi'an epidemic prevention and control management system" was specially optimized and upgraded. All foreigners entering Xi’an as well as those returning will only need to pay attention to the official "Xi'an public security service" account on Wechat (or scan through Xi'an"Passcode") before their departure, so that the registration of personal information registration can be completed.

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