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Health notice for foreign nationals in Xiamen

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Health Notice for Foreign Nationals in Xiamen

To curb the outbreak of pneumonia caused by the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV), Fujian province activated on January 24th Level-I alert [the highest level] of public health incidents in accordance with the Public Health Emergency Contingency Plan of Fujian. Attaching paramount importance to the situation, the CPC Xiamen Municipal Committee and Xiamen Municipal People's Government have set up a special taskforce and taken swift actions, which have resulted in effective prevention and control. Here are some recommendations from the Foreign Affairs Office of Xiamen Municipal People's Government to foreign nationals residing in or travelling to Xiamen:

I. Follow authoritative source for latest information

For verified epidemic updates, prevention and control guide, and other important health notices, please:

--Visit the official website of Xiamen Municipal Health Commission (XMHC) at or follow XMHC's official WeChat account (Name:“Xiamen Health (健康厦门)",ID: xm-hfpc); or

--Check the official Wechat account of Xiamen Media Group (Name:“Xiamen Media(厦门广电)”, ID: xmgd2015) or that of Xiamen Daily (Name:“Xiamen Daily”(厦门日报), ID: xiamenribao) .

You can also call the XMHC 24-hour hotline at 0592-2058120 for inquiry.

II. Prevention and self-protection

Please do your best to avoid crowded places, gatherings, parties or other group activities. Choose a surgical mask whenever possible and wear it properly when going out.

Please practice good personal hygiene. Clean your hands often. Tidy and disinfect your home and maintain proper ventilation. Avoid unprotected contact with wild animals or birds. And eat thoroughly cooked meat and eggs.

III. Support our prevention and control efforts

In case of recent visit to affected areas or having contact with people from those areas, please report to the community, Sub-district government or the municipal CDC as early as possible. Please cooperate with the government or community personnel and medical staff if they inquire about your conditions.

IV. Seek Timely Medical Care at Designated Hospitals

Please pay close attention to your personal health. Should you catch a fever, cough, experience fatigue or a feeling of oppression of the chest, please wear a surgical mask and seek medical care right away at the nearest clinics for fever diagnosis and treatment of Grade II and above general hospitals.

Please see the attached list for the 19 designated hospitals at or above Grade II with clinics dealing with fever in Xiamen.

The designated hospital for 2019-nCoV treatment is The First Affiliated Hospital of Xiamen University, Xinglin Branch (Address: 11 Hongdai Rd, Jimei District, Xiamen).

With your support and our joint efforts, we have every confidence to win the battle against the virus epidemic.

Foreign Affairs Office of Xiamen Municipal People's Government

January 29, 2020



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