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A letter to foreign friends in Jiangsu

Updated: Feb 3, 2020 Print
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A Letter to Foreign Friends in Jiangsu from Jiangsu Provincial Foreign Affairs Office

Dear foreign friends in Jiangsu,

We would like to extend greetings to you on the occasion of the Spring Festival.

The Chinese people, now in the middle of a battle against the epidemic caused by the novel coronavirus, are willing to cope with this challenge of global concern with countries around the world. Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government activated level I public health emergency responseat 24:00 on January 24. So far, preventative and control work has been carried out in an orderly and effective manner. We take it as our mission to ensure that the life of expats in Jiangsu is safe and undisturbed in face of the epidemic. To this end, we would like to make the following suggestions.

1. Pay close attention to the official release of epidemic situation of the Chinese government. Learn updated information on epidemic evolution in Jiangsu, information on designated hospitals in your city, and prevention and control guidance on the official websites of Jiangsu Provincial Health Commission ( ) and Jiangsu Provincial Foreign Affairs Office ( ). Take proper protective measures for the health and safety of you and your family.

2. Keep good personal hygiene to protect yourself from infectious respiratory diseases such as influenza. Go to designated medical institutions immediately should fever or respiratory infection symptoms occur. According to the Law on the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases of the People’s Republic of China, you may be placed in medical quarantine or hospitalized treatment if abnormal body temperature is detected. Your cooperation is highly appreciated when medical quarantine, hospitalized treatment or other preventative measures are taken against you.

3. Minimize outdoor activities and avoid crowded places. We will ensure supply necessary to life for expats in Jiangsu and meet your reasonable demands. You may call 18915991982 (24-hour hotline of Jiangsu Provincial Foreign Affairs Office for expats) for information and assistance, where your request will be attended to in time.

We are confident that with joint efforts, we will win the battle against the epidemic.

24-hour Hotlines of Jiangsu Provincial Foreign Affairs Office and Foreign Affairs Offices of Municipalities in Jiangsu for Expats on Epidemic Caused by Novel Coronavirus:

Jiangsu Provincial Foreign Affairs Office: 18915991982

Nanjing Municipal Foreign Affairs Office: 025-68787300, 025-68787321

Wuxi Municipal Foreign Affairs Office: 13921162943(English), 13665113434(Korean), 15995213675(Japanese)

Xuzhou Municipal Foreign Affairs Office: 13813280124

Changzhou Municipal Foreign Affairs Office: 18915065022, 13775223311

Suzhou Municipal Foreign Affairs Office: 15051425190

Nantong Municipal Foreign Affairs Office: 0513-85099266

Lianyungang Municipal Foreign Affairs Office: 13511565838(English), 15240339807(Japanese), 18795503453(Korean), 13505136496(Russian)

Huai’an Municipal Foreign Affairs Office: 13511550055, 15312331648

Yancheng Municipal Foreign Affairs Office: 0515-68011318

Yangzhou Municipal Foreign Affairs Office: 18752745313, 18005274900

Zhenjiang Municipal Foreign Affairs Office: 13805287199, 13805285909

Taizhou Municipal Foreign Affairs Office: 0523-86885897, 15951168878, 13401231122

Suqian Municipal Foreign Affairs Office: 0527-84368771

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