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A letter to foreign friends in Nantong

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To effectively contain the spread of the novel coronavirus pneumonia, Level-I emergency response has been activated by Jiangsu province since 24:00 January 24th and most stringent control and prevention measures have been taken in this regard.

CPC Nantong Municipal Committee and Nantong Municipal People’s Government paid special attention to this epidemic by intensifying prevention and control efforts in an orderly manner. For the sake of your safety and health, several propositions are made as follows:

1 Stay Tuned to Information from Official Sources.

It is advised to follow official WeChat Accounts “南通发布”(Nantong Update) and “南通外事” (Nantong Foreign Affairs) to know how the epidemic develops in Nantong City and Jiangsu Province. Through these two accounts, you can also be informed of contact information of designated medical institutions, epidemic control & prevention measures, and other important notices, etc.

2 Take Preventive Measures to Protect Yourself.

It is advised to maintain personal hygiene by washing hands frequently and wearing surgical masks when going out. Tissues should be used to cover nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing. Used masks should be disposed in right manner. Open windows at home and indoor places to improve air circulation. Eat thoroughly cooked food, drink hot water and eat less raw and cold food. Keep warm and have balanced diet to boost immune system. Contact with any wild animals or poultry should be avoided.
Cut down on outdoor activities and stay away from crowded places. Parties or rallies should be suspended. Take body temperatures regularly. In case of such symptoms as fever, cough, chest distress or fatigue, you are advised to go to designated medical institutions immediately, wearing surgical mask.

3 Respond to Monitoring and Supervision Mechanism.

If you have ever been to places with high incidence of New Virus Pneumonia and contacted people from affected areas recently, please report your information to local disease control agencies or to designated departments in timely manner. In the meantime, it is also advised to monitor your own physical conditions, take more rest at home and do less traveling. Your understanding, support and cooperation will be highly appreciated when staff from government organs, communities and medical institutions perform their duties by making registration or inquiries.

As stakeholders in the battel against the epidemic, we should all feel obliged to keep ourselves healthy. Your understanding and support are more than necessary for tackling the crisis. Let’s work together to contain the spread of the epidemic and safeguard safety and health.

24-hour hotline of our office: 0513-85099266.


Foreign Affairs Office of Nantong Municipal People’s Government

Januray 30, 2020

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