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A letter to all foreign friends in Huzhou

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A Letter to All Foreign Friends in Huzhou

On the occasion of Chinese Spring Festival, we extend our sincere greetings and best wishes to you all.

As we all know, now people in Huzhou City are united as one to fight against pneumonia caused by the novel coronavirus. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to you for your strong support during the special period. For the health of your own and your loved ones, you are kindly requested to follow the requirements of the law of the PRC on the prevention and control of infectious diseases and other relevant laws and regulations, and respond to the calls of the central and local governments by cooperating in the following practices:

1.Step up prevention and self-protection

Minimize outdoor activities. Wear a mask (preferably a surgical mask) if you have to go outdoors. Avoid crowded places and minimize the contact with other people. Keep good hygiene by washing your hands often and thoroughly. Maintain proper ventilation and keep rooms clean. Trash and garbage should be classified and disposed appropriately. Avoid close contact with wild animals or birds. Eat thoroughly cooked eggs and meat. Contact local authorities and seek prompt medical attention at the designated hospitals if you are not feeling well or have symptoms of fever and respiratory infection. (Check out the list of designated hospitals at the end of the letter)

2. Follow official updates

Please follow the updates from the official website of National Health Commission of China and Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Avoid believing and spreading false and unverified information.

3. Maintain contact

Maintain contact with staffs of the community where you reside. Please cooperate with them if they inquire about your information and condition. And please don’t hesitate to contact Huzhou Foreign Affairs Office if you need any help.

Dear friends, please join hands with us to protect our common home and city from the attack of the virus. With your understanding and support, we are confident of an early victory over the epidemic. Let’s look forward to the lively and vigorous spring together. Wish you a good health.

24 hours consulting service in English will be provided by Huzhou Foreign Affairs Office

Contacts: Wei Li: 13706729906

Lai Zhen: 15868232814


Foreign Affairs Office of Huzhou Municipal People's Government

January 31, 2020

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