Old hen soups

Updated: Jan 14, 2020 Print
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There is a saying: "Feidong to Feixi, buy an old hen". Feixi County’s old hen is famous all over the country. The stewed old hen is made using local chickens, especially the Mahuang chicken that is over a year old. After stewing it for a long time, the essence of the old hen will be dispersed into the soup, giving it a rich flavor. It is worth driving for 40 minutes from downtown to taste it in the Feixi old hen base area.

Once a pot of the hen soup is uncovered, the smell will be very inviting. The best way to taste it is in the original way, by serving it with fresh vegetables. It should be noted that if you want to get more protein, you’d better choose an old hen. Don’t forget to eat the meat while drinking the soup, so you get all the goodness.

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