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Governmental affairs services

Chengdu is committed to creating a first-class business environment in accordance with the World Bank’s business environment assessment standards and the national business environment assessment system. Meanwhile, it has greatly improved the service quality of governmental affairs through strengthening the development of standardized service-oriented government, and reengineering and optimizing the item approval process.

The local government has taken full advantage of online and mobile government service platforms and set up VIP rooms for major projects as well as VIP windows for investment and start-ups, in order to promote the “one-stop at most” reform for single governmental affair settlements and to improve the quality of government services.

Chengdu also released guidelines and supporting action plans, with the aim of establishing an administrative management system in line with international rules on some key aspects including market access, government efficiency, supervision and law enforcement, and intellectual property protection, thus offering a better business environment and fertile soil for enterprises’ development.

Intellectual property right protection

Chengdu is the only sub-provincial city in China that has obtained five national intellectual property pilot schemes and it has taken the initiative to establish the Chengdu IP Tribunal. A 2-billion-yuan IP operation fund has been founded to build Chengdu IP Trading Center, speeding up the establishment of the IP protection system. The city has spared no efforts to promote comprehensive and strict protection in a bid to create a favorable environment for innovation and doing business.

Talent support policy

Chengdu has successively promulgated a series of documents on implementing the “Chengdu Drifter (Rongpiao)” Talent Plan and building a talent team catering to the needs of the national central city. The documents include Policies on Implementing theVenture TianfuAction Plan and Accelerating the Construction of West China Talent Core Cluster (i.e. theTwelve Articlesof Chengdus New Talent Policy), Opinions on the Implementation of Deepening the Reform of Talent Development System and Mechanism and Accelerating the Construction of the National Central City (i.e. theThirty-six Articlesof Chengdus Talents), Measures for the Introduction and Cultivation of Urgently-needed Technical Talents in Chengdu, Implementation Measures for Encouraging the Introduction of Foreign Talents in Chengdu, and Action Plan on Chengdus Implementing Talent First Development Strategy.

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