Chuan Chuan Xiang

Updated: Jan 8, 2020 Print
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In the mid-1980s, "Chuan Chuan Xiang" first appeared in Chengdu. Not only is it one of the special traditional snacks in Sichuan, but also the most popular representative folk cuisines. Actually, Chuan Chuan Xiang is a different form of hot pot, so people often call it small hot pot.

The name "Chuan Chuan Xiang" comes from a kind of snack that is skewered with bamboo sticks and placed in a hot pot. Chuan Chuan Xiang has spread over many cities throughout the country for its unique charm and distinctive features. "Spicy Hot Pot" is also a variant of Chuan Chuan Xiang. To some extent, Chuan Chuan Xiang has become representative of Sichuan flavors.

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