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Coca-Cola (Hubei) Beverages Co Ltd (formerly known as "Wuhan Coca-Cola Beverages Co Ltd") was founded in 1994, and in September 1995, settled in the Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone (Hannan) of China's Hubei province.   

The company covers an area of 48,000 square meters and has a total investment of 39.98 million dollars. 

Over the past nineteen years the company has constantly imported Coca-Cola products into Hubei, including Zero, Coke Light, Iced Tea Sprite, and Smart. Its brands have gradually increased from the initial three beverages, Cola, Sprite and Fanta. 

Minute Maid Pulpy Orange and Minute Maid Pulpy Super Milky, two brands of Coca-Cola, have become popular and shown rapid growth in sales since their launches in Hubei in 2005 and 2009, respectively. 

To date, the company's total output has reached more than 400 million boxes, a triple increase in output and sales volume over the initial stage. 

In 2008, the company was awarded as an "Excellent Foreign Investment Enterprise" by the Wuhan government. In 2009, it was named a "Water-saving Enterprise" by the China Beverage Association, and "Excellent Foreign Investment Enterprise of Wuhan" by the Wuhan Foreign Investment Association. 


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