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By maglev

Maglev trains levitate above the tracks and are propelled forward by electromagnetic force. The levitation means trains can reach up to 500 kilometers per hour with an exceptionally smooth ride.

Starting operation on January 29, 2004 as the first commercial high-speed maglev railway in the world, the Shanghai Maglev Train links Pudong International Airport with Longyang Road Metro Station, a transfer to Line 2 and Line 7. The 30-kilometer ride from Longyang Road Metro station to Pudong International Airport takes less than eight minutes, with the maximum speed reaching 431 kilometers per hour. The maglev trains operate every 15 minutes.

A standard one-way ticket costs 50 yuan and is valid for the whole day, and a round-trip ticket valid within 7 days cost 80 yuan. VIP tickets cost 100 yuan (single-trip) or 160 yuan (round-trip within 7 days) are also available.

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