Braised crawfish

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Braised crawfish is extremely popular at local restaurants. Braised crawfish, because of its vibrant color, aroma, tenderness, and semi-sweet flavor, is the most classical crawfish dish and has long been a part of life for the locals. For this reason, it is common to see long lines of people waiting outside of local crawfish restaurants.

Crawfish were first introduced to the Jianghan Plain in Hubei in the early 1960s. They were used to eradicate oncomelania (host to schistosome); they played a role in the fight against schistosomiasis. Because they have strong reproduction abilities, the number of crawfish in Hubei has increased significantly.

It was not until the late 1990s that eating crawfish became popular. Although this dish is not uncommon in other countries, it was not until Mr. Li's Braised Crawfish Restaurant in Qianjiang, Hubei, began serving braised crawfish that it became popular. The small restaurant is located on 5·7 Avenue, Zhouji Town; the name of the restaurant's signature dish is "5·7 oil-braised crawfish." Every year, between May and September, the restaurant is packed with locals placing large orders for "5·7 crawfish." People even travel from other cities to enjoy the crawfish at this restaurant.

Crawfish restaurant recommendation

Because crawfish is popular in Wuhan, there are many great restaurants here that are worthy of recommendation. Many of these restaurants are only open in the summer. Guests usually need to queue hours ahead of time in order to get a table. It is suggested that guests arrive one to two hours before dinner time.

Bali Crawfish Restaurant 巴厘龙虾


Branch 1: Wansongyuan Road, Jianghan District 江汉区万松园路

Branch 2: 1299 Jinghan Avenue, Jiang'an District (near Huangpu Road and Wuhan Tiandi) 江岸区京汉大道1299号(近黄浦路、武汉天地)

Liang Liang Steamed Crawfish 靓靓蒸虾

Address: Wansongyuan Road, Jianghan District (two branches) 江汉区万松园路

Lin's Crawfish King Restaurant 林记虾王

Address: End of Pedestrian Street, Baiquan Farm, Dongxihu District 东西湖区柏泉农场的步行街头

Qianjiang 5·7 Braised Crawfish Restaurant潜江五七油焖大虾

Address: Opposite to Xiongchu International Hotel (near Guiyuan bus stop, Xiongchu Avenue, Hongshan District) 雄楚国际大酒店对面(雄楚大道桂园路站下车步行到达)

Xiao Liang Steamed Crawfish 小亮蒸虾

Address: 116 Jiedaokou South Road, Zhuyuan Grand Market, Hongshan District 洪山区街道口南路116号竹苑大市场内

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