Nanjing, a charming and magnificent city

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Nanjing is the capital of Jiangsu province in East China, and running through the city are lower reaches of the Yangtze River whose estuary is not far away. Nanjing enjoys a civilization of over 6,000 years and the city itself was founded 2,500 years ago. Enclosed by mountains and rivers, and located in a strategic place, it boasts picturesque scenery that blends natural landscape with towering modern buildings, integrating traditional styles with modern civilization. Thus it was known as a unique historical and cultural city to the world.

A Historical City

As one of the Four Ancient Capitals, Nanjing is a vital cradle of Chinese civilization and over a long stretch of time, it has been the political and cultural pivot of South China, thus dubbed as the Capital of Ten Ancient Dynasties, rich in both cultural heritage and historical relics. Among the landmarks of Nanjing there are the City Wall, the Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum, Dr. Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum, Presidential Palace and Confucius Temple.

Charming Nanjing, the Magnificent City
Yuejiang Tower Scenic Belt


Charming Nanjing, the Magnificent City
Confucius Temple


Charming Nanjing, the Magnificent City
The Gate of Presidential Palace


A Creative City

Over the thousands of years of its development, Nanjing has never been want of creative innovations, ranging from Mr. Zu Chongzhi’s (Jin Dynasty, 429-500 AD) modified calendar and calculated 7 decimals of the ratio of circumference Pi, the marvelous Great Gratitude Temple built in the Ming Dynasty, Laomendong (literally means the old east gate) historical and cultural district with distinct Nanjing characteristics, to the Creative Nanjing-New Generation Design Exhibition that engages the whole city. Nanjing has become a paradise for young entrepreneurs coming from different corners of the world with their aspirations. The 2,500 years of cultural legend has contributed to the essence of this creative city.

Charming Nanjing, the Magnificent City
Weaving of Nanjing Yunjin Brocade


Charming Nanjing, the Magnificent City
Fashion Show of Nanjing Yunjin Brocade


A Dynamic City

On the evening of August 16, 2014, II Summer Youth Olympic Games made its debut in the resonating anthem Light up the Future. During the 12 days, over 3,700 young athletes from the five continents challenged themselves in the arena in pursuit of excellence, and meanwhile, they also gained better understanding and friendship with each other in the cultural sports event.

Nanjing the ancient city has been dynamized by the vigour and passion of Youth Olympic Games.

Charming Nanjing, the Magnificent City
Dynamic Nanjing


A City with Youthful Vigour

A Better Nanjing after the Youth Olympics

With Elegant Clouds, Beautiful City as its cultural theme, Nanjing Week opens another window to the world for Nanjing.

Following the 2014 Youth Olympic Games, the ancient yet vigorous city is bound to amaze the world once more.

Charming Nanjing, the Magnificent City

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