Duck Blood and Vermicelli Soup

Updated: Nov 21, 2019 Print
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A traditional delicacy of Nanjing that is also eaten in other regions of China, the legend behind this dish starts with a poor man in the city who had killed a duck and used a bowl to hold the duck's blood. As he was cleaning the duck, he accidentally dropped some vermicelli, or glass noodles, into the bowl. He then cooked the stew and found it delicious. A rich man heard about the new dish and employed the poor man to cook the dish for his family.

Typically, duck blood and offal, vermicelli, dried fried tofu, dried shrimp, shallots, ginger, sesame oil and caraway seeds are used to make the soup, but Nanjing chefs sometimes also add in 20 kinds of Chinese herbs. Some who prepare it with the Chinese herbs believe these ingredients promote the circulation of the blood, remove toxins and maintain one's beauty. They said the herbs help with digestion and warm the stomach. The vermicelli is made of sweet potato and is smooth, soft and waxy.

Where to go:

Yaxianzhi Duck Blood and Vermicelli Soup Restaurant

Room 101, Unit 2

No 15, Yangpi Street, Qinhuai district, Nanjing

Telephone: 0086-25-52303958


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