Cuisine restaurants in Nanjing

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Nanjing Food-Stall Restaurant

Founded in October 1994, it is the first restaurant to focus on Nanjing local cuisine catering. It is well-known for the traditional style of folk culture, defined as "folk characteristics of the local flavor”. The usher here, an elder with a skullcap, makes you feel the charm of the past years.

Add: No.2 Shiziqiao,  Hunan Road,  Gulou District

Tel: 025-83305777



Maxiangxing Muslim Restaurant

It is the oldest Islamic flavor restaurant in Nanjing, offering snacks on the 1st floor, meals on the 2nd floor. The store decoration is of pure Muslim style. Among snacks, beef series is the first recommendation.

Add: No.32 North Yunnan Road, Gulou District

Tel: 025-83286387



Liuchangxing Restaurant

Founded in the late Qing Dynasty, Liu Changxing restaurant mainly engages in various types of noodles and buns.

Add: No.54 Changbai Street, Baixia District

Tel: 025-84693466




Jiubaiguo Hotpot Restaurant

Jiubaiguo's hotpot soup, made of ox-bone and chicken, is coupled with a variety of precious spices. Nutritional dishes make all dinners forget to go back home.

Add: No.66 North Taiping Road, Xuanwu District

Tel: 025-84502900




Luliuju Vegetarian Restaurant

Founded in the year of 1921, the restaurant was originally located at the Peach-leaf Ferry of Qinhuai River, and therefore got its name after the charming shadow of willows around the ferry. It is well-known for serving the authentic vegetarian dishes.

Add: No.248 South Taiping Road, Xuanwu District

Tel: 025-84527177



Sanxing Pastry & Dumpling Store

This traditional brand shop was founded in 1949. Now there always goes a saying in the catering industry: "welcome to enjoy Nanjing cuisine, please try Sanxing pastry first".

Add: No.1 Shigu Road, Baixia District

Tel: 025-84462380




Guest Restaurant at Confucius Temple Scenic Area

Located at the Confucius Temple Scenic Area and right beside the bank of Qinhuai River, with a four-storey building in the style of the Ming & Qing architecture, is famous for its all-round showpiece dishes. Besides catering, facilities for business, conference and entertainment are also at your service.

Add: No.12 Chaoku Street, Qinhuai District

Tel: 025-52263055



Anleyuan Muslim Restaurant

Founded in 1920, it is among the top-five Islamic Restaurants in Nanjing.

Add: No.138 Wangfu Street, Baixia District

Tel: 025-84206466



Residential Dish Restaurant

Established according to the standards of Star Hotel, it uses a real steam locomotive named Rose as its unique culture symbol, which indicates the combination of nostalgia feelings and modern ideas. Besides Shanghai residential dishes, more than 300 fine courses from Guangdong, Sichuan and Hunan provinces are also available.

Add: No.458 East Mochouhu Road, Jianye District

Tel: 025-86522278



Sichuan Restaurant

Over 200 kinds of snacks and hot pots are supplied on the first floor. Authentic Sichuan meals, together with Guangdong, Shandong, Huai-Yang cuisine, are served on the second and third floors.

Add: No.171 South Taiping Road, Baixia District

Tel: 025-84402038



Xinghu Crayfish Restaurant

Crayfish of “Rosy” brand in this restaurant ranks the first in China. Whatever your taste is, you can find your own "favorite".

Add: No.65 Hanzhongmen Street, Jianye District

Tel: 025-86656888



Zhenbaofang Food-Stall Restaurant

Antique decoration reveals the style of old gentility. You will feel pretty well in the atmosphere of history, elegance and dignity. Attendants are also warm and considerate.

Add: No.135 Pingjiangfu Road, Qinhuai District

Tel: 025-52300777

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