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Natural resources

Taiyuan has abundant mineral deposits of metal ores such as iron, manganese, copper, aluminum, lead and zinc, and non-metallic minerals of coal, sulfur, gypsum, vanadium, saltpeter, refractory clay, quartz, limestone, dolomite and Shimei sand. Taiyuan is seated in the middle of China's "coal sea", a nickname for North China's Shanxi province that is rich in coal resources. The coal deposit in Taiyuan, geologically known as Taiyuan coal, is a major component of Shanxi's coal resources; its reserves rank seventh in the province. Iron ore reserves in Taiyuan are also abundant and widely distributed; although the city's ferrous manganese ore reserves are relatively small. Gypsum ranks third in Taiyuan's mineral products, and is well known for its texture.

The Taiyuan flora contains seed plants, ferns, mosses, lichens, algae and fungi. It is characterized by abundant plant resources, ancient plant origins, and a large number of monotypic genus plants.

Taiyuan has plenty of wild animal resources. There are 16 animal species, 37 families and 173 species of birds in Taiyuan. Four of the bird groups are protected at the national level, 27 are protected at the national secondary level and eight are protected at the Shanxi provincial level. There are 80 kinds of migratory birds protected by China and Japan. There is one animal species protected at the national level, five kinds of national secondary protected animals, and three groups of animals mainly protected at the provincial level.

Economic development


Taiyuan was one of the important industrial bases in the early days of China's founding. During the "First Five-Year Plan" period (1953-1957), Taiyuan, a key industrial center of North China along with Beijing and Tianjin at that time, made great contributions to China's economic construction. Since the end of the 20th century, Taiyuan, as a capital city, has insisted on the road to new industrialization and shouldered the arduous responsibility of taking the lead in the adjustment and upgrading of industry structure as Shanxi province built new energy and industrial bases. The advantageous industries represented by the stainless steel production base, the new equipment manufacturing industrial base and the magnalium processing and manufacturing base have been developing well.

After more than 50 years of construction, Taiyuan has formed a complete industrial system with energy, metallurgy, machinery and chemical industry as the pillars, and support from textiles, light industry, medicine, electronics, food, building materials and precision instruments industries. Taiyuan is an academic center with many scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, and also has the advantage of being a commercial material supply center. Its national economy maintains rapid, coordinated and healthy development.


Suburban-modeled rural economy has developed rapidly in Taiyuan, where agricultural production has been continuously transformed into a new type with high yield, high quality and high efficiency. In recent years, Taiyuan has made major breakthroughs in agricultural industrialization and a number of leading enterprises have continued to grow there. New rural construction has started well, and the rural economy is experiencing comprehensive development with a good momentum.

Taiyuan is determined to coordinate urban and rural development, promote the new rural construction with socialist characteristics, and vigorously develop modern agriculture, especially green agriculture that is ecologically efficient. The city should further optimize the agricultural allocation, transform the agricultural growth pattern, and improve the standard of agricultural industrialization. In this way, Taiyuan strives to build a new pattern of rural economic development based on urban modernized agriculture, led by green industry and supported by featured cities and towns.

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