Shanxi Eye Hospital

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Shanxi Eye Hospital is an ophthalmic hospital that provides medical treatment and conducts teaching and scientific research, while working to prevent blindness. It is equipped with the latest technology and utilizes advanced methods of diagnosis.  

At present, the hospital has a total floorage area of 40,380 square meters, employs more than 500 workers, and has 350 beds. It sees more than 450,000 outpatient and emergency admissions annually; it discharges 15,000 patients and conducts 30, 000 operations each year.

There are 150 doctors employed at the hospital, including 60 in senior positions. There are also eight experts in receipt of an allowance from the State Council.

The hospital also acts as Shanxi Ophthalmology Institute, the non-affiliated ophthalmology hospital of Shanxi Medical University, the Red Cross Ophthalmology Hospital in Shanxi, the International Emergency Rescue Network Hospital, the ground training center of the International Orbis Plane Eye Hospital, the national clinical key specialist construction project unit, and Shanxi ophthalmology medical appraisal hospital.

The hospital specializes in fundi disease, strabismus and pediatric ophthalmology, glaucoma, and the ophthalmology of Traditional Chinese Medicine and optometry. Among them, the cataract study group (including section I & section II), vitreoretinopathy of the retina study group (including section I & section II), corneal disease study group (including the corneal section and quasimolecular laser section), and the strabismus and pediatric ophthalmology study group are provincial key clinical subjects. Strabismus and pediatric ophthalmology is the first national characteristic pediatric ophthalmology department and a national training base for pediatric ophthalmologists established by the International Orbis and Hong Kong Standard Chartered bank in 2000, according to international standards.

Shanxi Eye Hospital is responsible for ophthalmology teaching and the practical tasks of the eye optics major offered by Shanxi Medical University. There are 26 professors working in the hospital, 22 associate professors, one doctoral supervisor and 20 supervisors of master's degree students. A total of 59 postgraduates in ophthalmology have been trained since 2002. As a collaborative unit of the national resident doctor standardized training base, it had enrolled 26 participants by the end of 2016. In addition, the hospital has signed a communication and cooperation agreement with Beijing Tongren Hospital, which is the clinical teaching and scientific research base of the ophthalmology college of Capital Medical University.

In order to improve clinical technology, it has sent medical, nursing and technical personnel above deputy level to study and conduct research in foreign medical institutions. In the past five years, it has sent 15 people to study at Massachusetts Eye & Ear Hospital, Boston Children's Hospital affiliated to Harvard Medical College, Kellogg Eye Center of Michigan Medical College, Wilmer Eye Institute of Johns Hopkins Hospital and other famous international ophthalmology hospitals; six people have also been sent to study at domestic ophthalmology medical institutions.

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