Shanxi Provincial People's Hospital

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Shanxi Provincial People's Hospital (Affiliated People's Hospital of Shanxi Medical University) was established in 1953 and opened in 1955. It is a comprehensive hospital that integrates medicine, teaching, scientific research, rehabilitation, healthcare and first aid –– making it one of the largest medical institutions in Shanxi. The hospital is owned by Shanxi Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission. 

It is responsible for acute and severe diseases, public health emergencies, and major incidents, with its services covering Shanxi and surrounding provinces.

It covers an area of 30.08 hectares with three hospital sections. The north and south sections are located on the two sides of Shuangtasi Street. And the west section is located on the west bank of Fenhe River.

It has 2,000 beds and 2,318 employees. Among the employees, there are 447 with senior titles, 2,059 medical professionals, and 17 experts in receipt of State Council allowances. 

There were more than 1.05 million outpatients and 54,000 are patients are discharged annually. The hospital also conducts over 26,000 surgeries each year. It has 16,300 items of medical equipment such as a 3.0T magnetic resonance machine and the world's largest parallel automatic production line –– worth a total of 720 million yuan ($112.43 million). 

There are 65 clinical and medical technical departments, and more than 20 teaching and scientific research institutions such as a postdoctoral scientific research workstation. The hospital also houses Shanxi Institute of Clinical Medicine, Shanxi Oral Disease Prevention and Treatment Center, and Shanxi Institute of Kidney Disease Research. Among them, there are two national key clinical specialties: nursing and traditional Chinese medicine (Geriatric) departments; and five provincial key clinical specialties: general surgery, neurosurgery, nephrology, gastroenterology, and stomatology. The diagnosis and treatment offered at these facilities has reached the national advanced level, and the hospital currently provides the most advanced treatment facilities in Shanxi province.

As a teaching hospital, a complete medical education system of undergraduates, postgraduates, doctoral students, and postdoctoral researchers has been built, and both theoretical and practical teaching is carried out. Over the past three years, 1,689 undergraduates, and 156 postgraduates and doctoral students have been trained in the hospital. It undertakes a large number of teaching tasks for Shanxi Medical University, Changzhi Medical College and other institutions every year, and there are 709 undergraduates and postgraduates in the hospital during the same period. At the same time, it undertakes a large number of national and provincial continuing education tasks, and nearly 230 doctors are trained there every year.

The hospital has been a provincial leader in scientific research for many years. Over the past five years, more than 2,000 papers have been published, and more than 100 articles have been included in the SCI (Scientific Citation Index), some of which were published in top international medical journals such as the New England Journal of Medicine and The Lancet. Nearly 210 national and provincial projects have been approved. Since 2012, it has won 17 national and provincial science and technology awards.

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