A look at the corporate culture of Henan Yangshao liquor Co., Ltd.

Updated: Nov 14, 2019 Print
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The color pottery in the company unearthed from the Yangshao Culture period. [Photo by Zhou Meng in Nanyang Daily]
The CPC flag in front of the main building of the Henan Yangshao liquor Co., Ltd.. [Photo by Zhou Meng in Nanyang Daily]
Scenery in the Henan Yangshao liquor Co., Ltd.. [Photo by Zhou Meng in Nanyang Daily]

November 8 marks China's 20th Journalists' Day, one of the three national days for professionals. Established by the State Council in 2000, Journalists' Day is a time for people to appreciate the work done by media workers.

Journalists from Nanyang Newspaper Media Group visited the long-standing Yangshao culture and the Henan Yangshao liquor Co., Ltd. in Mianchi county, Sanmenxia city.

The discovery of Yangshao culture depicts Chinese culture during remote ages, making the start of Chinese field archaeology. The Yangshao village relics site is praised as a cultural holy land by archaeologists at home and abroad.

A large number of color pottery objects, including pots, bowls, and cups were unearthed in Yangshao cultural relics, unveils the sources of wine culture in Chinese civilization.

Inherited from Yangshao culture, Henan Yangshao liquor company developed the 13th fragrance flavor type of Chinese liquor by restoring the ancient method and using the scientific and technological innovation.

With pottery craft brewing, Yangshao liquor has built consumer recognition of consumers.

From 2012 to 2018, the company has seen 30 percent market growth rate for seven consecutive years, which set a quality benchmark for liquor enterprises in Henan provinces.

The company strives to make more contributions to the revitalization of Henan liquor.

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