Nanyang No. 4 Primary School highlights quality education

Updated: Nov 14, 2019 Print
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Children take pictures with the national flag. [Photo by Zhou Meng in Nanyang Daily]
The pioneer teachers get prizes at No. 4 Primary School in Nanyang. [Photo by Zhou Meng in Nanyang Daily]
Children participate in a Henan Yu Opera activity at No. 4 Primary School in Nanyang. [Photo by Zhou Meng in Nanyang Daily]

With the opportunity to build Nanyang a civilized city, the Nanyang No. 4 Primary School strives to be an example of a "civilized schoolyard", having enriched cultural education and improved its cultural connotations.

Founded in 1958, the time-honored school was formerly known as a Hongmiao primary school, which is a village primary school. In 1994, the school was included as an urban school under the education and sports department of Wolong district in Nanyang.

The school has made efforts to learn about the latest educational reform as well as to manage and make use of existing achievements in China's education research.

The teachers were encouraged to take an active part in research activities so they would have an insightful grasp of educational reform and explore effective approaches to teaching and student development.

The school takes "respect for diversity and individuality" as its educational concept, which has become a "brand card" in Wolong’s education.

In recent years, the school has been awarded more than 100 honorary titles such as "National Characteristic School of Education", "Science Popularization Demonstration School", "Curriculum Reform Demonstration School", "Advanced School of Moral Education", "Advanced School of Safety Management", "Civilized School" and "Advanced School of Ideological Work".

More than 30 teachers have won the honors of famous teachers and backbone teachers at Henan provincial and Nanyang city level.

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