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How to be safe when using car-hailing services in China?

Updated: Nov 11, 2019 Print
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Chinese ride-hailing giant Didi Chuxing announced it will relaunch its Hitch carpooling service with added safety features on November 20, over a year after the company suspended the service following two murders of female passengers.

The issue of safety has always topped the list of priorities for everyone. When taking a taxi in China, we should bear in mind the following safety tips to protect us from harm.

a.Before getting on the car, you can memorize the car's plate number and send it to your family members or friends.

b.Pay attention to driver'sfacial featuresand character, if there is anything wrong, you can cancel the travel order.

c.Choose the back seat when getting in the car, instead of the seat next to the driver. The seat behind the driver is the safest one.

d.Keep the car window open. If any danger arises, shout to the outside.

e.Stay in contact with your families and friends. Send the necessary information to them and keep upgrading your location.

NEVER do the following things:

a.Don't talk too much with the driver; particularly don't reveal too much personal information.

b.Don't let the driver know that your phone has run out of power. If the battery has died, you could pretend to call your friends if necessary.

c.Don't tell the driver you don't know the road or direction.

d.Don't distract yourself too much with your phone or music. Be aware of your surroundings at all times. Put the phone away and keep your focus on your environment.

e.For the same reason, don't fall asleep in the car.

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