A must-see accommodation guide in Zhangjiajie

Updated: Nov 8, 2019 China Daily Print
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Those who visit Zhangjiajie can stay in three places, the urban area, Tianzi Mountain town and Wulingyuan town. Then, which one is better and more convenient for your travel? It depends on your schedule and your requirement. Let's see the strengths and shortcomings when staying in these three places.

It is suitable for you to live in the downtown if you arrive at ZhangJiajie at night. You can enjoy the real scene performance Tianmen Fox Fairy Show there, and start your plan the next


In the downtown, there are lots of hotels around the railway station as it's close to the Tianmen Mountain Cable Car Company Station.About 200 meters away is a group of inns next to the Vide hotel on Dayong Middle Road. There are many coffee bars, music bars, restaurants, and foot baths around inns.

It's inappropriate to live in the downtown if you want to visit the scenic areas, because the scenic areas are so large and over 30 miles away to the downtown.

No accommodation is available at the top of the scenic area and the closest place for rest is Tianzi Moutain town. So you'd better to live in the town if you want to save time and money for cable cars. But single-day trip is an exception. If you want to see sunrise, the town is the best for rest, while if you want to see Charming Xiangxi performance, Wulingyuan is the best choice. You can take direct bus to reach Tianzi Mountain town from the downtown by half an hour.

The accommodation before the gate of scenic area means Wulingyuan town, rather than the forest park. Wulingyuan town is the opposite of the scenic area. Entering the mountain through the Wulingyuan ticket station, you can take electronic vehicles in scenic spots to Ten Miles Gallery and Tianzishan cableway stations. There are many nightlife activities in the evening, and many hotels available for your choice.

Visitors are suggested to live in the downtown for the first night and last night in ZhangJiajie. Those who want to save time, money and see the sunrise, and those who don't care about nightlife can choose to stay in Tianzi mountain town. It is cheaper to live in the downtown in peak season and to live in the scenic areas in slack season. Most tourists choose Wulingyuan as their rest place.

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