Documents to be submitted for the enterprises invested by foreign investors

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1. Identification card and introduction letter or authorization letter for the person in charge of the enterprise should be submitted.

2. The application report on the establishment of joint venture or sole investment by foreign investor should be submitted.

3. Approval letter of the title application issued by industrial and commercial administration bureau in advance.

4. Contract and constitution for the establishment of foreign invested enterprise.

5. The feasibility study of the project and the approval documents

6. The investment project needed the approval of the government should provide the copy of the approval for the project application report by the government; for the projects only needed to be registered in the government offices, the certificate document for the completion of the registered procedures from the government should be submitted.

7. The legal business operation certificate and credit certificate for domestic and foreign investors, if the foreign investor is the individual, the copies of the passport exactly the same as the original should be submitted.

8. The list of the members of directorate of the foreign invested enterprise to be established.

9. The letter of accreditation for the people to be assigned as the director for the newly establishment enterprise by the domestic and foreign investor should be provided together with the copies exactly the same as the originals. 

10. The list of the property or the equipment which are to be used as the investment by domestic and foreign investors, if using real estate as the investment, the related documents for the property right should be submitted.

11. The projects which have environmental impact, the approval document of the environmental protection bureau for the environmental impact report should be submitted.

12. The foreign invested enterprise needed to the land requisition, the approval document of land administration bureau should be submitted.

13. The projects needing the departments of the administration, supervision of production security, the letter of the supervision of the related departments should be submitted.

14. Other documents needed by the supervision bureaus.


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