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Nanyang sees a good harvest

Updated: Oct 17, 2019 Print
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Farmer are picking dogwood in Xixia county. [Photo by Chen Fei in Nanyang Daily]
Farmer are harvesting rice in Nanzhao county. [Photo by Ren Deyu in Nanyang Daily]
A farmer gets a good harvest for sweet potatoes in Zhenping county. [Photo by Du Huiping in Nanyang Daily]

The counties and urban areas in Nanyang have helped farmers adjust agriculture planting structure, cultivate varieties and improve product quality. It has formed Nanyang’s unique regional characteristics and provided impetus for agricultural development.
In recent years, more and better agricultural products have been produced and farmers' income has greatly increased.
The counties in Nanyang are enjoying good harvests of all kinds of fruits, vegetables, fish cultivation and other crops.
There are harvests of kiwifruit, mushroom and dogwood in Xixia county; Danjiang fish, orange, pomegranate and pepper in Xichuan county; golden pear, gourd and jujube in Fangcheng county; the chrysanthemum in Neixiang county; the autumn peach in Xinye county; the pecan, chestnut, peanut, and rice in Nanzhao county; and the corn, sweet potato, soybean, mung bean, sesame and other food crops in other areas of Nanyang.
The farmers in Nanyang are stepping into a new era of agriculture modernization and rural revitalization.

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