Poached sliced beef in hot chili oil(水煮牛肉/shuǐ zhǔ níu ròu)

Updated: Jul 23, 2019 Print
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水煮牛肉(shuǐ zhǔ níu ròu)

Poached sliced beef in hot chili oil was created by a famous chef named Fan Ji’an from Sichuan's Zigong city in the 1930s. Using sliced beef as its main ingredient, the dish has flowering Chinese cabbage, asparagus lettuce, and red and white radish as accessories.

The sliced beef is mixed thoroughly with seasoning such as refined salt, soy sauce, chili, Sichuan pepper and starch, and is cooked with other ingredients until the beef is well cooked. Spoons of spicy hot cooked oil will be drizzled upon the dish before eating.

Poached sliced beef in hot chili oil is a famous Sichuan dish with a distinctive local flavor. [Photo/]


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