Zhanjiang adjusts train schedule

Updated: Jul 3, 2019 Print
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Zhanjiang Railway Station announced that it will adjust the schedule of several trains departing from and arriving in Zhanjiang, starting on July 10.

Five trains, including 5534 (Zhanjiang-Jinchengjiang), K9314 (Zhanjiang-Nanning), K1804 (Zhanjiang-Wuchang), 5538 (Zhanjiang-Jinchengjiang), and K1474 (Zhanjiang-Xiangyang), will adjust their timetable to depart from Zhanjiang at 6:30 am, 8 am, 9:08 am, 1:05 pm, and 2:20 pm respectively.

The arrival times of 10 trains will also be changed, with K981 (Kunming-Zhanjiang) adjusted to arrive in Zhanjiang at 5:27 am, K1233 (East Shenzhen Station-Zhanjiang) adjusted to 6:14 am, K157 (West Beijing Station-Zhanjiang) adjusted to 6:30 am, K1803 (Wuchang-Zhanjiang) adjusted to 7 am, K1473 (Xiangyang-Zhanjiang) adjusted to 12:30 pm, K871 (East Chengdu Station-Zhanjiang) adjusted to 12:40 pm, K149 (South Shanghai Station-Zhanjiang) adjusted to 2:26 pm, 5537 (Jinchengjiang-Zhanjiang) adjusted to 6:04 pm, 5533 (Jinchengjiang-Zhanjiang) adjusted to 8:13 pm, and K9313 (Nanning-Zhanjiang) adjusted to 11:20 pm.

In addition, K9313 (Nanning-Zhanjiang) will add a stop at Suixi Station. K1473 (Xiangyang-Zhanjiang) and 5533 (Jinchengjiang-Zhanjiang) will no longer stop at Rong'an and Luchuan respectively. As Luchuan Station is under renovation, all the trains will no longer stop at the station. The opening time will be announced on the 12306 website.

Passengers are encouraged to call the railway station or the 12306 service hotline to get the exact departure and arrival times of trains, as well as to wait for trains ahead of schedule.


A train arrives at West Zhanjiang Station. [Photo by Zhang Fengfeng/]

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