Five trips to get children out and about in Inner Mongolia

Updated: Jul 2, 2019 By Yang Feiyue China Daily Print
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The Inner Mongolia autonomous region takes up 12.3 percent of China's land area and spans the northeastern, northern and northwestern parts of the country. It boasts abundant primitive forests, grasslands and rich ethnic traditions.

Recommended routes

Modern prairie

Travelers can sample Mongolian culture and history at the Inner Mongolia Museum and watch local dairy production at the Yili Industrial Park in Hohhot, the region's capital. Children can experience leather painting and make cheese or distinctive Mongolian souvenirs at the Mengliang Ethnic Handicraft Park in the city. For fun in the desert, head to Xiangshawan (Resonant Sand Gorge) in Ordos.


The route takes visitors to Hulunbuir city's Nuogan Lake, which offers bird-watching and pastoral landscapes. Children can learn how to identify rare vegetation and animals at Arxan National Forest Park in Hinggan League, where the volcanic landscape is another highlight. Classes on how the natural hot springs were formed are also available in Arxan.


Travelers can ride horses with locals on the Zhurihe Grassland in Tongliao and watch horse racing. Visitors are encouraged to take part in other Nadam activities to get a feel of the local traditions. Families can hike through primitive forests at Daqinggou, south of Tongliao.

Geology and folk customs

Fun desert treks are available at the Yulong sand lake in Chifeng city, where lecturers are on hand to give classes on observing and mapping the stars. Children can later visit the stone forest at Hexigten, which was formed by glaciers during the Quaternary period. Classes on local geology will be given to help children appreciate the area's nature. The picea mongolica zone in Chifeng's Baiyin Obo National Nature Reserve will highlight the importance of nature conservation through the study of the endangered Mongolian spruce.


Travelers can boat on Wuhai city's Wuhai Lake, where patches of desert encroach into the waterside landscape. Sand surfing and sculpting classes are offered at Jinsha Bay in Wuhai. Tree-planting sessions are prepared for children to help them get involved in environmental protection at Alxa League. Children can also venture out to hike and camp in Alxa's Tengger Desert to learn survival skills in the wilderness.

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