Fishing for shrimp in the village of Fengpuao

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The lake next to Fengpao. As often, the real view is much nicer than a photo can tell. In the distance are high electricity lines.[Photo provided to]

We returned home and had a short rest, while Mama was already preparing lunch. In the afternoon, Eva and I walked around the lake. From there I could see how clean everything was and how the area depends mostly on agriculture, and we saw animals like insects, little fish and a snake! When we came back to the house, my Chinese parents took me to a traditional gathering together with their friends close to Ningbo city. After that, they went back to Fengpuao and I to Shanghai.

Even though the trip was only two days, it was an amazing time together with my host family, something I’ll never forget: A rare insight into the life of people living in the Chinese countryside and the chance to prove my Chinese skills. And I’ve really learned how the people in Fengpuao live much closer to nature than we do in Shanghai, how life in Shanghai isn’t the only life in China. Life is more calm and less busy in Fengpao, and runs at a more natural pace. Thanks to GoEast, thanks to my host family, and thanks to China. I will never forget our time together.


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