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Theme tour 2: Travel back in time

Updated: Jun 17, 2019 Print
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Route 1

Guide: Morning -- Visit Shenyang Imperial Palace. Known as "the birthplace of a dynasty and two emperors", Shenyang built it during the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) and it remains one of the two best-preserved palace complexes in China, the other being the Forbidden City in Beijing. Shenyang Imperial Palace was placed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in July 2004.

Shenyang Imperial Palace [Photo/VCG]

Noon -- Have a lunch of Laobian Dumplings on Zhongjie Street. Laobian Dumplings are famous for their ingredients, production process and taste.

Afternoon -- Visit Zhaoling Tomb, the burial place of Hong Taiji (the second emperor of the Qing Dynasty) and his wife. The site has a strong ethnic style and local characteristics.

Evening -- Savor eight traditional Manchu courses, including four meat dishes and four vegetable plates. Then go to Shengjing Moulin Rouge for a wonderful performance. Shengjing Moulin Rouge highlights include a large performance integrating drama, song, dance, acrobatics, magic and opera, showcasing Shenyang culture and North China's most attractive features.

Route 2

Guide: Morning -- Visit Marshal Zhang's Mansion. The mansion was once owned by Zhang Zuolin, the former warlord of Manchuria (the old name for Northeast China), and his son Zhang Xueliang, a famous patriot. It is now the largest and best-preserved notable residence in Northeast China. Here you can also watch the live performances telling their stories.

Marshal Zhang's Mansion [Photo/IC]

Noon -- Savor both home-style and official-style cuisine in a dining room at Kelong Hotel. Based on northeast cuisines and integrated with culture, each dish here has a beautiful story behind it.

Afternoon -- Visit Shenyang Financial Museum, the largest financial museum in China, which offers a huge range of exhibits and interactive exhibits. Its four exhibits on Approaching the Financial World were listed among the Top Ten National Museum Exhibits.

Dinner -- Bao Fa Yuan is always a good choice for dinner. The "four famous dishes" -- fried liver, pork kidney, scrambled eggs and fried meatballs -- will definitely whet your appetite. Then you can stroll around Zhongjie Street, one of China's most prosperous streets with a history going back over 370 years.

Zhongjie Street, one of China's most prosperous streets with a history going back over 370 years [Photo/VCG]

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